Vision and passion

I am consistently amazed at the meteoric rise of the New Diorama Theatre.  The building opened just over a year ago and has already made a name for itself as THE place in London to see exciting new work.  Much of this is down to the vision and ambition of its team, led by Artistic and Executive Director David Byrne.  It also helps if you have a brand new venue in the heart of Euston, just two minutes walk from seven different tube lines.  Nevertheless, there are plenty of fringe venues in London with a good location which haven’t achieved in decades what the New Diorama has achieved in less than two years.

Byrne, a successful writer himself, has a passion for exciting new work and an eclectic taste.  He also has an instinct for sniffing out artistic excellence and raw talent, as well as being supremely skilled in marketing.  All of this, combined with a dedicated and passionate team, have made the New Diorama into a venue which has a growing loyal audience, confident that whatever they see there will be worth seeing, and which is attracting new followers every day and five-star reviews on a regular basis.

What is even more surprising is that Byrne has done this without any core funding.  Instead he has cultivated a wide range of sponsors and supporters, sweeping them along in his passion for what the venue can be, and delivering above and beyond his promises. He has also made the venue self-sufficient and rejected the notion of pandering to current trends, which is no mean feat.  Instead he follows his heart, creating a programme about which he himself is passionate, and that is the key to the venue’s success.

The New Diorama is an object lesson in how to succeed with an artistic venture, in the most difficult of times.  Passion and vision are the key, combined with a pinch of ambition and an awful lot of hard work.  I wish them every success in the years to come. They deserve it!

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