Company model and Governance

The choice of company model can sometimes be a difficult one to make, with so many options.  What are the advantages of incorporating as a Company Limited by Guarantee or Shares, and what is the difference between them?  Is registering as a Charity appropriate, or would it suit you better to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)? Is a Community Interest Company (CIC) more your style, or should you remain as an unincorporated organisation?

Jo has advised many companies on the best model to choose, and can work with Artistic collectives, Directors and / or Senior management to help you understand the implications of the different models, and identify which is best for you.  She can also provide clear guidance on what you will need to do to adopt or change to that model, or undertake the process on your behalf, helping you to avoid the pitfalls which so often cause delays in registering.

Once your organisation is constituted, depending on which model you choose, you may need to put in-place a new Board of Directors / Trustees, and Jo can advise on how to find the best people to create a balanced Board, or undertake the process on your behalf.

Strong governance is essential to its success, and the skills of the Board, the relationship between Trustees and senior management and the accountability and reporting systems are crucial to creating a well-functioning company.  Jo has worked with a number of established Boards as Senior Manager, Company Secretary, Corporate Director and Trustee and has a wealth of experience from all sides. She can give an organisation the tools to review and improve all aspects of its existing governance, including:

  • Board Skills audit
  • Board recruitment and induction
  • Creating successful and positive Board meetings
  • Review of the governing document and its suitability to the organisation
  • Reporting procedures and formats

and will work with Trustees, Senior Management and staff, as necessary.

For more details or to discuss the needs of your organisation, please contact Jo Salkilld via the contact page.

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