Evaluation and reporting

Thorough evaluation and detailed reporting are essential to any company in receipt of funding. Most funders require a final report before releasing the last tranche of funding and have specific targets or Key Performance Indicators that must be met. Many funders require details of what will be evaluated, and how the evaluation will be implemented, as part of the funding application and it is essential to put this in place before the start of the project as retrospective evaluation, without sufficient quantative and qualitative data-collection, can prove difficult.

Jo Salkilld offers a service, working with fundraisers and key project staff, to define the tools needed for evaluation and reporting and put them in place prior to submission of a funding application or Local Authority tender. She can also work with organisations needing to evaluate retrospectively and advise on gathering data for ACE annual submissions.

For more details or to discuss the needs of your organisation, please contact Jo Salkilld via the contact page.

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